The Earthiness of Baptism

Message from . March 17, 2019. Category: Baptism, Lent

The Temptation to Give Up on Planet Earth

Message from . March 11, 2019. Category: Environmentalism, Lent
wooden Christ

A Sermon for Forgiven Forgivers

Message from . February 25, 2019. Category: Forgiveness

Contemplative Prayer Service: Creating New Beatitudes

Message from . February 17, 2019. Category: Beatitudes

“Into the Deep Water”

Message from . February 10, 2019. Category: discipleship, the church

When Jesus Needed to Work on His People Skills

Message from . February 3, 2019. Category: Love, prophecy, the church

When Jesus Dropped the Mic

Message from . January 28, 2019. Category: Justice, poverty, prophecy

Baptism: A Personal and Political Sacrament

Message from . January 13, 2019. Category: Baptism

Risks and Rewards of the Spiritual Journey

Message from . January 6, 2019. Category: Epiphany, journey