Contemplative Service

Message from . March 15, 2020. Category: endurance, journey, prayer stations

Struggling and Persisting in Prayer

Message from . October 20, 2019. Category: Prayer, prayer stations
steeples against an evening sky

A Prodigal People

Message from . September 15, 2019. Category: parables, prayer stations, prophecy

Contemplative Prayer Service

Message from . September 18, 2016. Category: Prayer, prayer stations

Prayers and Pentecost

Message from . May 16, 2016. Category: Pentecost, prayer stations

Stitching Together Prayer and Action

Message from . April 17, 2016. Category: LGBT Rights, prayer stations

If Only We Were Willing

Message from . February 22, 2016. Category: images for God, nonviolence, prayer stations