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A Prodigal People

Message from . September 15, 2019. Category: parables, prayer stations, prophecy

Reading a Parable Through a Prism

Message from . March 31, 2019. Category: diversity, LGBT Rights, parables

“One More Year”

Message from . March 25, 2019. Category: Environmentalism, parables

Fair is Fair, But Fair Isn’t Just

Message from . September 25, 2017. Category: Justice, parables

Now is the Autumn of our Contempt

Message from . October 23, 2016. Category: contempt, parables


Message from . September 12, 2016. Category: change and transformation, Joy, parables

“I Have Something to Say to You”

Message from . June 13, 2016. Category: Forgiveness, parables

The Parable of the Prodigal Parent

Message from . March 7, 2016. Category: images for God, parables